Lazy Soul 023 – Volume 2 – Continuous DJ Mix – OUT NOW!

English: Out Now!!

Lazy Soul Presents a great and beautiful chill out compilation with some of the best producers in Centro America, It’s a Dj continuous Dj mix that you will enjoy with pure local Sound.

Español: A la venta YA!

Lazy Soul presenta un fino y exquisito Mix con el mejor Chill Out local, Definitivamente es un “Dj Mix” para disfrutarlo y admirar el talento centroamericano.


1-Santiago Nino – Blue Air (Original Mix)

2-Spinnersensation – Erotic Cloud (Original Mix)

3-Spinnersensation – Dubai Lounge (Original Mix)

4-Santiago Nino – Just You (Original Mix)

5-Alex Hentze – Puerto Triste (Original Mix)

6-Alex Hentze – Peanut Butter & Carrots (Original Mix)

7-G-Tek – I’m The Future (Original Mix)

8-Count Cinca – All Right (Alex Hentze ft. Santiago Niño Shit Happens Remix)

9-G-Tek – Rainy Summer (Original Mix)

10-G-Tek – Sound Is A Factor (Original Mix)

11-DJ Ronxxx ft. Daniella Carpio – Give Away

12-Alex Hentze & Pedro Aldana pres. Balearic Sounds – Balearic Feeling

13-DJ Ronxxx ft. Anneleise Mayermans – Hiptrip


One Response to “Lazy Soul 023 – Volume 2 – Continuous DJ Mix – OUT NOW!”

  1. Pero que buen tracklist! esta super lindo para disfrutar este discazo en la playita en este verano con calor! haha 🙂

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